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'Ingrid, your classes were the best yoga classes in the world, they were informative, fun, helpful, interesting, warm and engaging. Through them I gained confidence in myself, my body and my baby and for this I cannot thank you enough.' Carrie & little Robyn - - - 'I highly recommend Ingrid's pregnancy yoga & birth preparation classes to both my NHS and private expectant mothers. Ingrid's classes are an excellent way to stay healthy in mind and body throughout pregnancy and to be well-prepared for birth.' Dr. Claire Mellon, GP & Obstetrician - - - 'I wanted to thank you for the breathing techniques you taught me which proved invaluable and for giving me the confidence I could do it without an epidural, by trusting myself and my body. Six days later, I feel great, I was lucky I did not have any tearing whatsoever and that labour was quick and super effective. Recovery has been second to none. I want to thank you again for all your support and your great yoga classes!' Liana - - - 'Thank YOU Ingrid, you're one in a million. The breathing techniques you gave us in the last relaxation got me right to 10cm easily! Remarkable. So delighted to have birthed a breech baby avoiding a c section.' Natalie


Yoga for Pregnancy

birthlightBringing a baby into the world is a miracle in action. Each and every mother-to-be deserves to be nurtured, cherished and well supported during her pregnancy. It is a woman’s birth-right to labour and birth in dignity the way her body tells her to. The classes provide a warm and supportive environment to guide you safely through every stage of pregnancy, preparing you for labour and birth. The classes are firmly based on ‘Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga’ (visit and are a combination of pure birthlight yoga and workshop type classes covering subjects such as pelvic mapping, perineal massage, birthing breathing, dealing with fear, preparing for vaginal birth after caesarean birth (VBAC) etc. The classes aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to address common pregnancy ailments and potential physical, mental or emotional obstacles that may hinder a straightforward birth to give you the confidence and strength to give birth as easefully as is possible. During the course you receive handouts with pertinent information and for home-practice.


The benefits of a regular yoga practice have been well documented. Pregnancy yoga is widely recommended by doctors and midwives as one of the safest forms of exercise throughout pregnancy with classes being offered in several UK hospitals. Pregnancy yoga helps you to feel calm, strong and well prepared. It keeps the body toned and supple without straining and is useful to relieve pain in labour and childbirth. Yogic breathing helps you to connect with the birthing muscles, giving you control & confidence especially if you are a first-time mother. Your posture is improved to encourage optimal fetal positioning for birth and rapid recovery of muscle tone after birth. The attendance of regular classes not only helps you to discover and know your birthing body but also gives you the space and time to connect with your unborn child as you grow together.


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