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'Ingrid, your classes were the best yoga classes in the world, they were informative, fun, helpful, interesting, warm and engaging. Through them I gained confidence in myself, my body and my baby and for this I cannot thank you enough.' Carrie & little Robyn - - - 'I highly recommend Ingrid's pregnancy yoga & birth preparation classes to both my NHS and private expectant mothers. Ingrid's classes are an excellent way to stay healthy in mind and body throughout pregnancy and to be well-prepared for birth.' Dr. Claire Mellon, GP & Obstetrician - - - 'I wanted to thank you for the breathing techniques you taught me which proved invaluable and for giving me the confidence I could do it without an epidural, by trusting myself and my body. Six days later, I feel great, I was lucky I did not have any tearing whatsoever and that labour was quick and super effective. Recovery has been second to none. I want to thank you again for all your support and your great yoga classes!' Liana - - - 'Thank YOU Ingrid, you're one in a million. The breathing techniques you gave us in the last relaxation got me right to 10cm easily! Remarkable. So delighted to have birthed a breech baby avoiding a c section.' Natalie



Ingrid's yoga for pregnancy classes, which I attended until I was into my 43rd week, were amazing. Each week, they provided me with time to pause amidst a busy life to really focus on the incredible thing that was happening inside me, and to prepare me both physically and mentally for giving birth. Ingrid is both gentle and calm, and inspirational too, and helped make my pregnancy the wonderful experience that it was. I also attended a number of reflexology sessions with Ingrid to encourage my son to make an appearance. Most importantly, Ingrid helped me to continue to believe that my son would come when he was ready, a belief that was being shaken by the doctors and midwives and their insistence that I should be induced. She, like I, firmly believed that it was my body, my baby and my birth, and it was wonderful having Ingrid to support me in the way she did.
- Liza (lawyer)

If I could have picked my birth out of a catalogue I would have chosen the one I got: Contractions started at about 5pm and Lucy was born, naturally and with no pain relief or stitches, just before midnight. The midwife wasn't even in the room until just before her head was delivered! I am absolutely certain that I would never have managed that without Ingrid's inspiring classes. Physically I am sure the yoga (and the raspberry leaf tea, and the perineal massage - both of which she introduced me to) helped enormously, but what Ingrid gave me was much more than that. At no point during the birth was I afraid, and throughout I had complete confidence in my body's ability to labour and give birth naturally and calmly. Ingrid, with her calm nature, and her complete openness about birth gave me that confidence and I will always be grateful to her. Getting to her classes (from week 14 to week 41!) was an hour's journey by bus and tube each way for me and I will be doing it again for number 2!
- Harriet

I haven't had an opportunity to thank you for all of your advice, guidance and care throughout all three of my pregnancies. You helped to make my pregnancies thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling and you gave me so much confidence that I could have a happy birth at home and feel in control. Each of your classes were an opportunity to stop and concentrate on the utter magic of the growing baby. This was so important for my second two as it is so impossible to find time for the 'bump' when there are other kids running around! For each of the births I could almost hear your voice going through the breathing exercises (I still think you should make a relaxation CD!) so thank you so much. I feel very lucky to have found you.
- Polly

I cannot praise the classes enough. I recommend them to everyone who is pregnant and those with babies. I believe that the yoga classes I have taken prepared me mentally and physically for the wonder of giving birth and motherhood. A totally empowering experience, thank you. Keep up the good work you are an inspirational teacher who imparts knowledge in the most tender and positive manner, thank you.
- Marie Louise


Although I only had a few classes with you before you went on maternity leave I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom on pregnancy and birth. As a first time mum I have my fears and worries but you always made me feel so calm and I am looking forward to a beautiful birth myself!
- Natasha

Dear Ingrid, I remember you often and just how much goodness you brought not only to my but to lives of whole my family while I was pregnant and coming to your classes. Our little boys have brought us nothing but happiness and a sense of wonder over life and its beauty. I truly believe that part of this happiness we owe to you as you taught me how to stay balanced and calm when needed. So in a way you are and always will be a part of our family!

I feel the yoga was invaluable to both births and very relaxing and reassuring during the pregnancy. It gave me the confidence to give birth at home, the ability to go into myself and feel at ease and obviously good instruction as to the best positions. But crucially the breaths that we had learned came instinctively and when the midwife was held up in traffic and Benjamin was on his way out, I managed to stay calm and hold him in (not push) for at least 20mins. Thank goodness!!!! I think my husband was getting ready to deliver! I feel that both births were amazing experiences - I feel so lucky and also so whole as a woman being able to deliver her children as I wished and as nature intended. That can never be taken away.
- Kate