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'Ingrid, your classes were the best yoga classes in the world, they were informative, fun, helpful, interesting, warm and engaging. Through them I gained confidence in myself, my body and my baby and for this I cannot thank you enough.' Carrie & little Robyn - - - 'I highly recommend Ingrid's pregnancy yoga & birth preparation classes to both my NHS and private expectant mothers. Ingrid's classes are an excellent way to stay healthy in mind and body throughout pregnancy and to be well-prepared for birth.' Dr. Claire Mellon, GP & Obstetrician - - - 'I wanted to thank you for the breathing techniques you taught me which proved invaluable and for giving me the confidence I could do it without an epidural, by trusting myself and my body. Six days later, I feel great, I was lucky I did not have any tearing whatsoever and that labour was quick and super effective. Recovery has been second to none. I want to thank you again for all your support and your great yoga classes!' Liana - - - 'Thank YOU Ingrid, you're one in a million. The breathing techniques you gave us in the last relaxation got me right to 10cm easily! Remarkable. So delighted to have birthed a breech baby avoiding a c section.' Natalie


Pregnancy & Birth

Feeling well prepared, in control and relaxed can help you to keep your natural equilibrium and calm during labour. This will minimise stress, fear and other negative emotions that may hinder the natural progression of labour. Stress can lead to high blood pressure and also to physiological changes such as muscle and blood vessel spasms, shallow breathing and increased acidity of the blood.

Together we identify potential physical, mental and/or emotional obstacles to a straightforward birth. You can then choose from a range of therapies and approaches how to address these.

You might chose reflexology to address acid reflux, Bach Flower Remedies to calm anxiety and massage techniques to relax at the end.