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After Birth - Postnatal Nurture

In many cultures a woman remains in her hut or home for 30 or more days after giving birth for full recovery and bonding with her baby whilst women experienced in childbirth care for her and her baby. Therapy after birth or postnatal care and nurture is supplementary to the care provided by the NHS.

Therapy after birth or postnatal nurture is designed to help you recover more quickly after giving birth and thus cope more easefully with the emotional and physical demands of motherhood. It is packed with lots of practical help and advice to help you get the support you need.

Therapy after birth or ‘postnatal nurture’ includes:

  1. Ritual closing of the body
  2. First massage as a newborn mum
  3. Healing Herbs for the perineum
  4. Care of the scar in case of c-section
  5. Reverse breathing exercises to gently tone deepest layer of abdominal muscles from day 1
  6. Practical help with issues such as: handling baby with confidence, helping if baby has colic,
  7. Addressing common postnatal ailments (tiredness, mastitis, swelling etc)