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Postnatal & Baby Yoga

birthlightPostnatal & Baby Yoga is a unique combination of postnatal exercisesfor mums as well as playful movements, songs, holds and massages techniques that aid baby's physical, mental and emotional development, through mutual involvement. The class is suitable for all mothers from 6 weeks after birth onwards whether the baby was born by caesarean or vaginally.


During the course mothers learn effective practices for postnatal recovery and babies’ development. Mothers are safely guided through the steps of postnatal recovery with particular attention being given to toning and strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal and core muscles for good gynecological health. Muscle tension caused by feeding and carrying babies is eased through specific stretches as well as pelvic and spinal alignment exercises. The growing baby’s increasing weight helps develop mum’s stamina and strength through shared practices. The interaction between mothers and babies aids secure attachment building the foundation for positive social relationships.


First time mums may not have had the opportunity to care for a baby before they gave birth to their own. In anthropologist Sarah Hrdy’s words:

‘Contrary to the notion of a “maternal instinct”, a person’s responsiveness to the needs of infants is to a large degree acquired through experience – through both the experience of nurturing and the experience of being nurtured.’

The classes are designed to nurture the mother and baby team and help new mums feel confident in this new role in life aiding parents and baby/ies form a strong bond and build the foundations for a happy & healthy life together.


Each class provides the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and grow together - as individuals, groups and society.